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A second set of eyes often sees issues that the author may miss. How many times have you received and essay back, only to find out that the instructor spotted a missing word, a sentence fragment, or an incorrect citation?

After writing, rewriting, and editing a paper, it is easy to see what you thought you wrote, rather than what you really did write! This is where a second set of eyes helps. Your work can rise from good to outstanding with a little extra 'tweeking'.

Have you ever been bitten by the spell checker? Thought you typed “from” and it was actually “form”? Know when to use “its” or “it’s” and “affect” or “effect”? Or even the difference between the possessive form of a word (company’s) or the plural form (companies)? The Paper Correction Experts stand ready to help with our online proofreading services!

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We cannot guarantee you an “A” on the paper as instructors vary in their grading methods. What we do guarantee is your satisfaction with the feedback you receive. You concentrate on the research and content; we will concentrate on the rest.

Our experienced editors are ready to help improve your papers. All staff members have a minimum of eight years teaching experience including grading papers for spelling, grammar, sentence structure, tone, and APA formatting. In addition, each member has taught at least 300 classes in a variety of subjects ranging from Associate to Master levels.

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